Financial Information

Financial Information



Instate Tuition

Out of State Tuition

Tuition (Based off of 12 credit hours): $3829.49

Tuition (Based off of 12 credit hours): $9366.99

Fees (Per Semester): $675.75

Fees (Per Semester): $675.75

Estimated total per semester* : $4505.24

Estimated total per semester*: $10,042.74

*These numbers will not reflect the summer semester, because only six credit hours are taken. Based on Fall 2015 fees. 


Listed below are other expenses and approximate costs:

 $1000 Dietetic Internship Fee: $500 due at the beginning of spring semester, and $500 due at the beginning of summer

·         Housing expenses (rent and utilities) plus food - varies (Estimate: Rent $500-800, Utilities $80-100, Food $150-200 PER MONTH)

·         $250 - lab coats, uniforms, shoes, dress, scrubs

·         Health Exam by physician of interns choice-varies

·         Background check (Precheck) and 9 panel drug screen done at time the background check-$90

·         Textbooks, etc- varies

·         $ 300.00 E*Value Healthcare Education Solutions registration fee

·         Transportation and parking- varies (Estimate: $50-100/month for gas)

·         Insurance (auto, medical, professional) – varies

·         $ 50.00 Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics student membership



*All tuition and fees are correct as of the date of printing, but are subject to change by the State Legislature, Board of Regents, or Student Vote.