Masters Program

The Masters portion of this program grants a Master of Science in Health and Human Performance with a concentration in Nutrition and Wellness. The following are courses that must be completed in order to graduate. The program provides 39 credit hours of graduate coursework, which includes six hours of credit for the Dietetic Internship.

The Department of Health and Human Performance offers a Master of Science Degree and some of the classes are offered online. The dietetic interns complete a combined MS/DI and take the following didactic classes online (HHP 600, HHP 611, HHP 637, NFSC 603, NFSC 604, and NFSC 605). All other classes are not offered online. Interns will participate in scheduled online classes throughout the program. These sessions will be coordinated by the internship director and the Department Head for Health and Human Performance. Four of the online classes (NFSC 603, NFSC 604, HHP 600, and HHP 611) are offered the first fall semester. The other two online classes (NFSC 605 and HHP 637) are offered the last fall semester of the program.

M.S. in Health and Human Performance:


Concentration in Nutrition and Wellness:

Only for students with Nutrition Undergraduate Degree who are selected into the Dietetic Internship at MSU or who have completed the Dietetic Internship.

Total Hours: 39

Example of MS-DI Schedule:








NFSC 603

NFSC 604

HHP 600

HHP 611


NFSC 601

HHP 622

NFSC 602



NUFS 601






HHP 637

HHP 606

Graduate Level Elective


*** This is an example schedule and is subject to change