Intern Outcomes


Current Interns:

"I think one of the best aspects of this program is that we are exposed to so many different experiences; I feel like I am getting a great deal of experience in clinical, community and food service management. On top of that, the diversity of the program has helped me become very adaptable and quick-to-learn in all of the different settings. Our preceptors are great and care about our learning experience and really help prepare us for our future as RDNs." Allison Callahan, McNeese Dietetic Intern


Previous Interns:

"I really appreciated all the constructive critiscism I received from each Preceptor at each rotation site. Each preceptor has helped me improve in many areas and build my confidence and strengthen me as a Dietetic Intern. Each rotation offers a broad clinical, managerial, and food-service experience that has helped me understand the importance and role of a dietitian in each area. The Southwest Louisiana culture offers an interesting and fun, yet challenging population to work with; one of which any dietetic intern would benefit from in the long run." Hailey Crawford, MS, RDN


"McNeese Dietetic Internship is the total package for me. I am able to complete my master's degree and internship at the same time. The internship is giving me the real world experience I needed before finding a job."  Alexis D. Motley, MS, RDN, LDN